A Proactive Approach to Downsizing

A Proactive Approach to Downsizing

How do you know the home you are currently living in is appropriate for your lifestyle today? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself “If your house was for sale today, would you buy it?”. If the answer is Yes, then you know it’s not time to downsize. If the answer is No, then it’s time to start considering how you can make the move to something more suited to your needs and lifestyle. We have found many people stay in their large family homes for too long and then the process of downsizing becomes too daunting to consider starting. We find the best outcome is achieved when our clients have a proactive approach to downsizing as there are multiple facets to consider including your desired location and proximity to family and friends, public transport options, access to amenities and your desired lifestyle, travel plans, the list goes on!!!

We receive lots of questions from clients about downsizing and this is an important part of our job as real estate agents to answer clients questions with our knowledge built over the last 15+ years in the industry. We love connecting with people who want to find out how to make the exciting and life-changing decision to move when they no longer need a large family home. We also appreciate that people may be more comfortable to meet with us for an informal chat about downsizing and get some tips and advice on how to start this process in a more casual way.

That is why we have started Downsizing with Confidence. You can book a block of time to talk to us at local coffee shop Hudson George at The Home Hub (Victoria Ave, Castle Hill). In this way we can be helpful to those who want more personalised assistance and guidance about downsizing in a casual setting. It’s also a chance for us to connect with people more personally.

How Downsizing with Confidence Works

-The meetings are in person with our Director, Chris De Celis so you can chat face-to-face.

– Each month we open up appointments that you can book online here for a 45 minute duration. These take place at Hudson George cafe, located within The Home Hub (Victoria Ave, Castle Hill).

-To book a meeting, use this Calendly link. Once booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email, a reminder email, and you can also choose to get a reminder via text. If need to reschedule, choose the reschedule option in your confirmation email.

-During the meetings, we will discuss how to start the downsizing process, what steps are involved, who to involve in this process and when. You will leave with a clear roadmap of the next steps to take to begin downsizing.