Seven quick tips to prepare your property for a spring time sale

Seven quick tips to get your property ready for a Spring time sale

There’s never a better time to sell your home than in the warmer days of Spring when there is a sense of renewal and optimism in the air.

Even despite lockdowns and Covid, buyers retain a bright view of the future of property, which has helped keep prices strong. 

This year, buyers are looking for homes with lots of natural light, lovely gardens and a modern entertaining area. A real question many buyers are asking themselves is “Could I cope with being locked down here?”. And if your home presents well, this receives a big tick from buyers. 

If you’re looking to sell in the next few months, you need to highlight these features in your marketing materials and when buyers attend an inspection or open house.

To ensure you maximise the value of your home, you should form a strategy to exploit all the advantages that Spring offers. That means highlighting outdoor seating, decking and balconies. 

Competition for your property will likely be fierce among many buyers chasing what is still a limited number of homes. So, if you put everything you can into preparing your home, there’s every chance you’ll be delighted with the outcome.

Here’s a seven-point quick guide to help you maximise all the advantages that spring offers.

  1. Capitalise on curb appeal – Focus on your front garden. Trim the trees and hedges, and make sure they’re not filtering or blocking light coming into your home. Pressure wash your garden path and make sure the lawn is tidy and the flowerbeds are weed-free.
  2. Keep it clean – Declutter your home and make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or clothes on the laundry floor. An untidy residence is a real passion-killer for buyers. Vacuum and wash the floors and run a cloth along window sills and skirting boards. Clean the bathroom til it absolutely sparkles.
  3. Make it tidy – Make sure all your garden tools and any toys are put away. It’s a great idea to hide away the bins. If you park multiple cars or a trailer or boat (or both) outside your home, move those elsewhere so prospective buyers don’t feel the home is crowded out. Ask a friend if they could mind them or rent a storage space temporarily. 
  4. Get it fixed – If there are any annoying jobs on your to-do list, now is the time to get them done. Buyers will notice doors that stick, taps that leak, rusted gutters and floorboards that creak. 
  5. Dress to impress – Store away old or damaged furniture to make the best impression. Also, remove any evidence of pets because that can alienate some prospective buyers. Consider staging your home to put it in its best light. 
  6. Let there be light – Turn on all interior lights ahead of an inspection or open house. Pull back the drapes and move any furniture that might block the light from coming into the home. Clean the windows and mirrors as these all reflect or let light into your home. 
  7. Box your memorabilia – Family photos and trinkets can be off-putting for buyers. They should be able to picture themselves living in your home, and so the less they feel like they’re in your world, the better. Pack them up now ready to move to your new home.